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Chef Create

Helping Local Restaurants Through At Hone Dining

The Chef Create Story

How Chef Create Works For Subscribers

The Dining Out Experience… Brought Home

You love dining out, but these days, you’re cooking at home more often. You still crave the flavors of your favorite local restaurant dish, but they are only offering takeout orders that often arrive cold.

With Chef Create, you can enjoy signature restaurant -quality meals, made with fresh, professionally prepared and measured ingredients delivered right to your door. All you have to do is cook them up… with the help of a local professional chef video to guide you to success!

How Chef Create Serves Local Restaurants

Helping Restaurants

Stay Open

Local restaurants are struggling to survive,  given the  devastating effects of a global pandemic on already thin profit margins.  Chef Create enables these local businesses to reach out to their communities in a new way. It will help solidify relationships with their customers… and create a new, steady stream of income.

We help keep restaurants fresh in the minds of their community by helping them market their brand and signature dishes to diners in a way that builds a connection with their business.

How Chef Create Serves Investors

Helping Restaurants and Communities Thrive

By investing in Chef Create, investors will be helping support local restaurants – and the families of the thousands of workers that they employ – who play a key role in preserving the economic vitality of their communities.

Chef Create is also easily scalable for a potential national (or even global) rollout, giving it sound investment potential. It has already drawn immediate local advertiser and restaurant interest.

Chef Create is only one example of how the VISN technology platform can be used to create new revenue streams for subscribers, advertisers and investors.

Increase Your Culinary Knowledge!

Learn From Our Team

of Local Chefs

Don’t worry if you’re new to cooking at home.

The instructional videos we provide with each meal order are made by these local professional chefs. Their easy, step-by-step instructions will help you

achieve delicious results!

Jonas Titor


Stephen Dillard


Christina D. Porter


Mary Robin Thestin


Amanda Linn


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